Web Design For Beginners

Web Design For Beginners


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Everyone has to start his or her career from zero points. By the passage of time, one starts to learn new things and become experts by working on various projects. Every field has its own ups and downs and one has to pass through each up and downs to become expert and knowledgeable. The website designer field is not an exception. In this field, a novice enters into the jungle of technical languages, terminologies and various types of multimedia software to become an expert. In this article, we will cover an important topic of web design for beginners, so stay with us.
To start your web design career, you can learn various languages such as HTML and CSS and designing blogger templates. Though this is not necessary to memorize the codes in both of these languages some understanding is always good because if you do not know ABC of any language, you will be in trouble in your web design journey. So, to make your foundation solid in the web design with sharda web solutions, it is highly recommended to get your feet dirty in the mud before going to build the entire empire.

Html was officially announced in 1991 since then various companies and individuals are taking full opportunities from this language to design their website for the World Wide Web. In HTML, a website is created using various tags that are the building stone of this language. HTML has been updated with numerous versions and currently, version 5 is the latest in the industry.

On the other hand, CSS was also released to help out webmasters in controlling the complete look of the web page via CSS. Like HTML, CSS has also been refined in various versions. The current version CSS3 is regarded as the best version so far and web designers all over the world are capitalizing its full power to build attractive, user-friendly and professional websites.

Both HTML5 and CSS3 are helping online web designers all over the world to create responsive, elegant and premium websites or blog themes. A majority of internet users are using mobile devices to access the internet, the creation of mobile-friendly websites or blogs has become possible solely due to the power of HTML5 and CSS3.

Being a beginner in the web design field, you can take online classes by sitting at the comfort of your home. There are many online courses available for beginners such as Alison, Treehouse, Udemy and W3 Schools. Some tutorials are free while some are paid. So, you might have to invest something in order to reap the fruits in the long run. Please do not think of save a few dollars in order to make your career. Treat this like school fees that you have to incur to progress through in your career.

At a minimum, you should try to learn software such as Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver to start your web design for beginner’s career. Adobe Photoshop is the best tool to create stunning web graphics, logo and other graphics for your website. You can learn this software using millions of free tutorials available across the internet ranging from beginner to advanced level. Dreamweaver issued to build the entire layout of the web page and do the CSS coding via a graphical interface.

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