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Personal information is considered as the most important data. No one can think of leaking his or her data. If personal information is leaked and someone fraudulent person takes this information for taking advantage, then the outcome can be very disastrous. That is why, all the world, the privacy of personal information is given a very high level of importance.
Indian Government also take this matter very seriously and from time to time, take steps to overcome the problem of an aadhar data leak. Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number. This is an identifier, proof of your personality all over India. It contains demographic as well as biometric details of the user. Normally, aadhar is issued to the resident of India on the submission of relevant documents.

In Indian law, a person is considered as a resident when he is in India for 182 days or more. So, if you are in India for 182 days or less, though you may be a citizen of India, are not eligible for eaadhar card.

Unfortunately due to some little or careless action, people, personal information may be put at risk. One of the most recent example which got fame in all types of media is the leakage of people's personal information from Andhra Pradesh Government.

Actually, Andhra Pradesh Government did a big mistake when anyone can simply enter one's mobile number in India at Google Search. When the mobile number is entered and searched, it shows all the complete information of the aadhar user such as name, father name, bank account number and the district. Mostly, the data belong to the farmers of Andhra Pradesh.

These farmers were taking advantage of the Government's subsidies available to them. Leaking of personal information so publicly really destroys the image of the Government. But later, strict action was taken and pulled off such information from the internet.

Just knowing the mobile number of a person, you can access all the information on the Google page and that is at the top of the result. Huff Post India took the step and informed the Government's office in this regard.

Unfortunately, there is no law protection in India that declares aadhar data leaks a crime. Instead, in section 37 of Andhra Pradesh Core Digital Data Authority Act, it is clearly written that no official of the Government will be made responsible for anything which is in good faith.

We may not judge the intention of the official from his or her face. So, Government staff is simply safe from any sort of legal proceeding even he or she does this intentionally. By just denying the fact that he or she has done the aadhar data leak without intention, no one can sue him or her.

Aadhar Data Leak is happening due to a big reason which no Government's official is trying to understand. The staff lacks cybersecurity skills and experience. Though India is the 2nd fastest growing country in terms of the IT field, still, Government is not utilizing this potential to improve the integrity, security, and safety of the aadhar database.

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