Red Spots On Skin

Red Spots On Skin


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Our skin is a beautiful gift from God and we need to take care of it. It arises as a result of some disease or change of moisture and weather conditions. The red sports can be at any part of the body. However, they look bad if appear on the face. Usually, red spots are harmless but you have to keep proper eyes over red spots so that it could not turn into a lethal disease. Red spots can be tiny as short as a ballpoint pen dot and can be large as 1 to 2 millimeters. There are people who have red spots all over the body and are called cherry angiomas. They do not pose a threat to you and actually are blood vessels on the surface of the skin.

Causes of Red Spots on Skin

Your skin is your beauty and beauty plays an important role in your personality. You want to impress, then you have to care for your skin. Red Spots on the skin are caused by the following:
1. Birthmarks: These are spots which born as you come into this world from your mother. They are also called Hemangioma. However, they could develop in a 1-3 year baby as well. It is closely related to blood vessels and can be easily distinguished with another type of red sports.

2. Dermatofibromas: These arise as a result of soft tissues (called fibroblasts)accumulation. If you are feeling pain or itching, then you should consult a skin specialist. Often found on the legs, they are small red or brown color bumps.

3. Acne: Acne marks are flat shaped red or brown color which is called macules. These red spots go away shorty but if you remain in sunlight mostly, then they may take a longer time to vanish.

4. Petechiae: These could be purple or reddish dots which arise as a result of Trauma, strenuous coughing, etc. They usually start from the leg and after the passage of time; spread themselves over the whole body.

5. Cherry Angioma: The appearance of large red spots on the skin is usually referred to as Cherry Angioma. Sometimes, they increase their size, this leads to color change from red to blue. It could develop on any part of the body.

6. Hives: Their size varies a lot and can be in between a few millimeters to several inches. These mostly spread from genetically. Drug allergies and bee biting are the main factors that trigger Hives.

7. Rosacea: Very common in people with very fair color skin. Its impact on the skin gives blush like the look on your face. So far, no specific cause has been identified for Rosacea.

8. Folliculitis: They are Small sized red color bumps that appear at hair follicles. Bacteria are the main cause of such spreading over all the skin.

9. Prickly heat rashes: These are the classical causes of red spots on the skin. They develop when sweat glands become blocked or clogged. If you wear tight dresses, you are giving an invitation to Prickly heat rashes. They are also called Heat rash or sweat rashes.

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